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At Evershine Care, we believe in providing the best nutritional options for our clients. We also believe that to offer the best options, we must empower our clients to make positive food choices. Our dedication to teaching and encouraging healthy eating is unparalleled. Our residents are encouraged to make choices that benefit their health.

Residents are encouraged to learn about the foods they choose and to get involved in the growing process. It gives our clients a sense of pride and independence to plant and care for their garden and see the fruits of their labor.


Evershine Kitchen

Equipping clients with the ongoing skills and resources that help them develop positive skills around eating and accessing food is a primary goal of our nutrition program. Clients are encouraged to make choices that positively impact diabetes management and any other health goal. We encourage you to check out what our residents have been doing and contact Evershine Care with any questions about referring a client for services.


Shereese Maynard MS, MBA

 “Evershine Care of New Mexico is easily the most well-run facility I’ve ever visited. The clients are happy and well cared for, and it shows. The properties are very beautiful and in my honest opinion, any case manager or family would be making a very good decision, by referring clients to any one of their locations. I would not hesitate to recommend Evershine and their care team to anyone who’s looking for a safe and caring place.”

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