Evershine is proud to partner with the Children, Youth, and Family Services Department (CYFD) of New Mexico to launch our latest program, a youth advocacy-based care program designed to support young people aged 14 to 18 who have developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. The need for this type of program was identified due to persistent gaps in services available to developmentally and intellectually delayed young people.

The Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) was developed by Evershine’s leadership team to provide comprehensive services that address each individual’s unique needs. This includes providing support for basic needs such as housing, education, vocational training, and social skills. In addition, the ICF provides social work advocates for clients. Along with these services, ICF also offers mental health assessments and counseling interventions from specially trained counselors.

The ICF team comprises professionals from multiple disciplines including psychology, social work, nursing, speech therapy, physical therapy, nutritionists  (food program)and more. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects related to the person’s disability are addressed in a comprehensive manner. Additionally, Evershine’s leadership has worked diligently to ensure that culturally competent care is provided throughout the process; this includes understanding the cultural context in which individuals live so that their diverse needs can be met effectively.

On top of these services offered through the youth-focused ICF, Evershine also has community outreach programs designed specifically for youth with special needs. These programs provide an opportunity for them to spend time outside their homes and engage with peers in a safe environment where they can learn practical life skills like how to handle money or take public transportation independently. These activities help foster independence and self-confidence in young people who may otherwise feel isolated due to their disabilities.

Evershine’s new ICF program is responding directly to an identified need in New Mexico and surrounding states for youth advocacy-based care tailored towards those with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities aged 14-18 years old. With its interdisciplinary framework focused on providing comprehensive services while taking cultural context into account and community outreach opportunities geared towards fostering independence and confidence among individuals living with disabilities—Evershine hopes that our latest effort will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve!


Author, Shereese Maynard, MS; MBA,

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